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Terms and Conditions of Ribsafari

General Terms and Conditions

Ribsafari reserves the right to cancel orders or change trips if needed. The trips can be dependent on weather and if it is really windy or bad weather we do not sail, and believe us you wouldn’t want to sail either. We sometimes also need to cancel or reschedules trips as they have not met required minimum participants, which is usually around 5 adults. We might also contact you via email or phone in case the minimum participants is not reached and offer you to go to another trip with us.

NOTE: We do not recommend you to go on a Ribsafari trip in case you have back problems or are pregnant.


We provide every passenger with protective clothing, float suit and life jacket and we have equipment for passengers from five years old. Ribsafari ensures the safety and security of its passengers. The loaning of the clothing, float suit and life jacket is included in the price of the trip so you don’t need to pay anything extra.

Cancellation right

If we cancel a trip or change it so that you can’t participate in it you will of course be refunded by Ribsafari. Please contact Ribsafari in for questions.


Please notice that the price on the internet can change without notice yet again we don’t change the prices after your booking.

Taxes and fees

All prices include taxes and fees so you won’t need to pay anything extra for your trip.


The seller holds all information from the buyer in relation to the purchase as confidential. Under no circumstances will information be handed to a third party.