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We love our islands

We are really proud about our island, our nature and history and love to share our love of the island with you

We at Ribsafari are islanders at heart and most of us have lived and worked in Westman islands (Vestmannaeyjar) all our lives. Since we were children we have been going on trips on RIB boats and visited the islands all surrounding the main island Heimaey. We are extremely proud of our beautiful islands. And of course we want you to experience them as a local.

Join us in terrific trips sailing around the islands, we will introduce the islands to you and the life we live here. Just check out our Tripadvisor Reviews as you can see our customers have really enjoyed our trips. You can choose from various trips all dependent on your interest and time. Ribsafari sails from mid May until the middle of September.

Let’s have a splendid time together.

Looking forward for seeing you.


These are some of the people you might spot on the harbour when visiting us



Captain Eyþór is a sea-man by heart and we are in such good hands when sailing with him. Not only is he a trusty sailor but he is also a really funny guy and a multi-tasker, which he of course has to be as he has 7 children.

Ómar Páll

Captain and guide

Ómar Páll is the silent guy but when he starts talking he will crack you up. He is witty and kind and loves to be outdoors and sailing in the wonderful nature. Ómar is both a guide and a captain and truly enjoys sailing

Helga Björk

Office and Guide

Helga a.k.a. angel face will great you with a smile every day. She takes such good care of every passenger and of the team as well. We just love her to bits and pieces, well otherwise we won’t get our coffee 🙂


Office and Guide

Laila loves to laugh and smile and she will tell you stories with dramatic effects.. Even though she has only grown by one meter since birth she can surely drag the boat to shore after guiding a tour – just watch and see.

Drífa Þöll


Drífa is a teacher and a librarien as well. She loves books, history the viking sagas and of course Vestmannaeyjar. She LOVES the Eurovision song context and maybe she will tell you about that as well or sing for you 🙂



Svenni will certainly take good care of you and make you smile. He knows everything about whales and wildlife as he even babysat the killer-whale and movie stare Keiko while he lived in Vestmannaeyjar.



Auður is born and rased in Vestmannaeyjar like most of us. She knows almost everything about the islands and takes such good care of all our passengers while making them laugh at the same time.



Hjalli is a joker and a true islander. He has been climbing the islands since he was a toddler or so he says – he likes to exaggerate a bit but that just makes his stories sooo much better ?

Gunnar Ingi


Gunnar Ingi is our most serious guide – NOT. He will almost try anything to crack you up so please laugh even though it isn’t funny ? This dude is also a fantastic photographer and can certainly catch the moment.

Our Boats

The Ribsafari’s Boat tours are made in RIB (rigid inflatable boats)

We have two boats – ecah can take 12 passengers at a time.

Stóri Örn (e. Big Eagle) is a Techno Marine 12 IB. A 12 meter long rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) with two 400 hp Volvo inboard engine. Big Eagle was build in Poland in 2012 for Ribsafari.

Öldu Ljón (e. Wave Lion) is also a Techno Marine 12 IB. A 12 meter long rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) with two 400 hp Volvo inboard engine. Öldu Ljón was build in Poland in 2016 for Ribsafari.

Our boats are custom-made so they fill up our standards and our needs. They have saddle seats and handles for you to grab on while riding the waves.

Questions and Answers

Check out our FAQ for our Ribsafari Boats and our Round Trip boat

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